Ashley Batz Photography | 2014 Brand

12/31/13 Kiki + Bang DIY1/12/14 Shop Sweet Things Playdate with Becky2/3/14 Kiersten <3 Day2/1/14 Small Trade Co.2/4/14 Insight2/11/14 Carlina2/11/14 Natalie3/2/14 Shop Sweet Things Playdate3/2/14 Bryn Taylor3/9/14 Grilled Cheese4/3/14 SST4/7/14 Storenvy3/29/14 Apartment34 Graphic Design 1014/17/14 Apartment34 + SKII4/14/14 Mary OrtonFor Adam4/12/14 Mint Studios4/23/14 Apartment 34 Proofs4/23/14 Apartment34 Finals4/25/14 Lauren Mizrahi4/25/14 SST - Kristen+Frida5/8/14 Anh SKII5/8/14 TopCoat x Gorgeous Finals5/15/14 Shop Sweet Things with Rachel5/6/14 Lauren Mizrahi5/20/14 Lauren's Fave Spaces5/30/14 Shop Sweet Things - Katie x Diego6/1/14 SST Father's Day4/19/14 Solazyme Proofs6/2/14 Emma + BC Shoes4/13/14 Mint ProofsMint Proofs (all)6/11/14 Anh's Home6/15/14 Intermix6/15/14 Intermix Selects6/14/14 SST - The Kind of Woman6/15/14 Intermix Finals6/14/14 SST - Jeanne X Erin Finals6/21/14 SST x Gloria6/9/14 Trinity Ventures B&W touch ups6/10 Trinity Ventures Selects6/14/14 Detour6/30/14 Trinity Ventures Finals6/30/14 Mint Finals7/21/14 Luke's Local7/27/14 Mint7/20/14 SST - Little Farm8/3/14 Hayden's Bday7/6/14 Natalie Deayala Finals7/21/14 Portelle8/3/14 Hayden's Bday8/24/14 Erin x Old Navy8/1/14 Portelle FinalsTopCoat Proofs9/6/14 SST8/2/14 Angela Benton9/19/14 CliQR8/1/14 Mint Finals9/6/14 Jojotastic9/26/14 TopCoat finals9/28/14 Sacramento Street10/17/14 Sacramento Street Tabletop finals10/7/14 Sacramento Street Finals10/15/14 Carrie9/17/14 Bridge & Burn Finals10/18/14 Purina10/15/14 The Kind of Woman10/15/14 The Kind of Woman11/29/14 Jojotastic x Purina 212/13/14 Reso12/11/14 Jojotastic x PB12/14/14 Apartment 3412/11/14 Ampersand / Jojotastic12/30/14 Reso12/18/14 LIFX Proofs